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About Peachy Skin Bar Salon

Peachy Skin Bar is a professional skincare salon which specializes in providing quality bespoke facial treatments. We're on a mission to reinvent the facial experience and build an all-inclusive, safe, and judgement-free community for skincare lovers to enjoy their well-deserved TLC.

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We Specialize In Personalized Experience

Your skin condition will change constantly and it will only reap the best benefit with personalized care at a timely intervention. Hence, we only focus on one thing - which is to provide bespoke treatments based on your skin needs rather than mindlessly doing the same facial for you with a conventional package. Our expert therapist will check your skin before recommending any treatments to you. No packages, No Judgement, Just peachy! With us, there is no need to second guess your skincare.

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About Peachy Skin Bar Shop (PeachySkin@Home)

We're obsessed about your skin and we want to take care of your skin in and out of the treatment room. So, after working on our products for two years, we finally started our curated line of peachyskin@home products. From the comfort of your own home, you can achieve healthy glowing skin too. Just like our salon's vision, we have curated and formulated a series of beneficial products to cater to your ever-changing skin needs that fluctuates due to hormonal changes, aging, and environmental stress.

We like to keep skincare real and simple. We believe in sticking to the essentials, using only minimal products to help you achieve your healthy skin goal. You do not need to apply 10 different serums before you sleep to achieve your desired skin. We love the idea of Skinimalism. 

Peachy Skin Bar Products

Why Buy PeachySkin@Home Products?

Peace Of Mind:
You can trust us. We're a professional skincare salon chain which have seen and treated countless skin concerns. Our team are skincare obsessives. With us, your skin's long term health comes first. We're not just about beautiful bottles and trendy ingredients. We don't do the "buzz" and "miracle cures". Fads are temporary and our in-depth knowledge about skincare can help you better in the long run.

We Do The Research So You Don't Have To:
We vet each and every of our product for their ingredients and safety before stocking it on our shelves / website. Leave the hard work to us. We will help you uncomplicate your beauty drawer with better products suited just for you.

We Are Cruelty Free:
We love our fellow earthlings. We do not conduct animal testing on our skincare products. 

We're Forward Looking:
We have a full support network to ensure that we'll always stay abreast of the evolving skincare industry and be constantly connected with our skincare partners to bring you the best quality skincare in salon and at home.

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